Records in my ears

I thought I would share some of my favorite music whit you guys. You find all the records and albums on spotify and HERE is my spotify list with more music that I like. Hope you all enjoy...XOXO

Wiende Rienstra

(Picture form Amestedam Fashion week, designer Wiende Rienstra)

I have a thing for white have I realist because all the things I design/do in school are white. On the picture is from Wiende Rienstra fashion show and I had never herd about her but I really like what she do and she is also doing everything in white or beige. About fashion week are I'm going til Copenhagen fashion week on Friday and I promise you to show you a lot of photos, XOXO

I found myself in the city

(West - By myself Corset - Lindex Jeans - GinaTricot)

Hello fellows! Hope everything is good with you. I have been enjoying my weekend with a good friend, shopping, sewing and time with my mum. My sewing project was this west, I have made it of tablecloths that I bought from a second hand boutique. I found a skirt and a jacket for total 55kr! But right now I'm I freaking out over that it's just a month left then am I turning 18 and are on my way til NewYork baby...XOXO

As a shadow

I would like to have the look she got! So this summer do I want to do high lights in a fun color in my hair and learn how to ride a longborad. Go to music festivals and do crazy thing. Stay up all night with my best friends and be lazy on the beach. XOXO

Foster and the people

Books and Shoes

Hey yesterday was I on the libary and found this books very inspirering. Today have I been all over for one pair of shoes and fianally did I take this with me home. So now I just need a new bag then I ready for NYC, XOXO


When you call my name

My new love! I saw it in a store in my home towm and since then has I been dreaming of this lovley thing. It almost like I could die for it, XOXO


Happy new year! I now it's been a long time since the last time but I have been enjoying the last day's left of my break form school. I had a nice shopping day with my friend Ebba and I got this jacket for less than half price! I did pay 150kr instead of 1000kr, that is what I call a good buy, XOXO