Some of my Christmas gift from my mum. I hope you all have had a nice Christmas. My self have I been enjoying my family and friends with good food. I have also been dealing with a really bad cold so right now am I enjoying the sofa and movies on the tv, XOXO

Lonely robot

Björg Jewellery

Wonderful jewelery from Björg. I think I love the picture a bit more than the jewelry. But anyway so is it very inspiring for me. I can't wait for a new year of fashion and all that comes with it.

Chanel Pre FW12

How about that! Lovely I can't wait all to the fall 2012 for this I have to have this now or already to spring. I love the exotic look Karl Lagerfeld have done in this collection. He take my mind til India, he have really succeeded with this collection. I'm not used to like Chanel otherwise because the other collections have been missing that cool edge that I want in my closet, Enjoy XOXO

There's nothing you can't do

I'm going to New York! I was chosen to be one of twelve students who are going to represent my school in a UN-congress in New York. We are leaving on my birthday also! Guess if I happy right now, I'm high on life and I love it. We are five students from my class and we all are so awesome! This is going to bee my best birthday ever with my wonderful friends and the city, XOXO


Acne SS12

I love the black and white print to the right. I can't wait till spring is here with this lovley fashion. All the bright colurs and prints. More spring and summer fashion is coming up on the blog so we can pick the right things on the christmas sale, XOXO


(Black dress from Gina Tricot)
Hello fellows! Hope you are enjoying the weekend. For the first time did I have time to drag my as down til the city. I was looking after a dress to have on new years eve. I came home with this. I love it and a funny thing is that the name of the dress is Patricia. I have to thank Ekua for good company and I can also tell that next week will she join me here on the blog. Hope you will like her as much I do, XOXO

Passion for fashion

Three pictures from the exhibition we saw when my class went to Gothenburg. I think I'm going to do a necklaces inspired of the two mens when I free from school. My favorite is the first one, I really I'm in love with it. I will maybe put it on one of my walls in my room. XOXO


(Shoes from Nelly.com)
Yeay, my new shoes have arrived. Thank you mum! But I not 100% sure of to keep them or not, so I'm asking you guys about your opinion. Thank you all XOXO



Finaly have I done my wish list for Christmas. It will probably be my birthday wish list too. So what's on my list: Shoes - Topshop and Jeffery Campbell, Camera - Nikon J1, Bag - Ester Ellanore(L-and-I), Perfume - Clean fresh laundry(Kicks), Espresso machine - Tassimo, Iphone 4s and Macbook air, Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs and really good skincare for my skin XOXO